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Eurekathon 2.0 - Rules and Sign-Ups

Why a Eureka ficathon? Why gen?
Because ficathons are love. Because there's not enough Eureka fic out there. Because it's my fluffy popcorn show, and we all want more fluffy popcorn, don't we? It's gen because I want this ficathon to appeal to everyone. References to pairings in the background of the story are fine, but the story should not be pairing-centric.

So, there are rules?
Of course there are rules. It's a ficathon. And fannish anarchy would make us all sad. I also want to exercise my control freak tendencies. So. Onto the rules!

What length should my fic be at its minimum?
Your fic must be a minimum of 500 words. Eureka's seasons are half of a normal show's seasons. So let's make a ficathon story match up thematically. (It has nothing to with your mod's lack of free time. Really.)

How many prompts do I get?
You submit three prompts (and, if you want, you may include one additional crossover prompt). They should be about a variety of characters and situations, thereby giving your writer some choice in what to write. Your writer will, yes, pick only one to write. Writing more than one will earn you brownie points and a pat on the head. (I'm cheap, okay?)

Acceptable crossovers are:
Anything you want to suggest. I won't be matching for crossovers, though I'd toyed with the idea in an earlier post in the community. It ended up being too much work. If you'd like to suggest crossovers you will write, please include it in the sign-ups. I've included a section for it, but it's optional.

So where do we post our completed fics?
To this comm. The comm is set to moderated status. Once all the fics are in, I'll be going in and approving all the fics in the queue. Please don't post to your personal journal or website until after the stories are released. At that point in time, go wild. (No one but your betareader should see the fic before the reveal date.)

Posting guidelines are as follows:
1. Put everything but your header behind a cut-tag.
2. Your header needs to include, at a minimum, the title, author, recipient, prompt chosen, rating, and any warnings. Anything else is candy-coated author's note sprinkles on top of the ice cream sundae of your fanfic.
3. Put a subject line containing title and rating on your story.

If your story does not meet these three basic criteria, I will reject it from the moderation queue and ask you to re-post it.

Does my fic have to be betaread?
Yes. Dear Gods, yes. Betareading is love, people!

Editing comments is now allowed! Does that mean I can change my prompt?
Please don't edit your comment. Please be very certain what you want. Once your prompt has been posted, that's the final version. (It gets put into several spreadsheets about ten minutes after I get the comment notification. Changing things is very frustrating. If you really feel you must, contact me at havocthecat at gmail dot com and let me know you want to change your prompt.)

What happens if I can't write the fic I've been assigned, or if I'll be late?
You'll have one week after the due date to post your fic. If you haven't posted it by then, you'll be considered to have defaulted, and your prompt will be assigned to a backup writer. If you can't write the fic, period, then contact me ASAP, and I'll get a backup writer assigned.

So what happens if I default, anyway?
Unless you have a catastrophic RL problem, you will not be able to sign up for any further ficathons that I run. Not just eurekathon, but also sg_rarepairings and femme_fic, and any other ficathons I may decide to mod or co-mod in the future.

Didn't you used to have a deadline for a date to default without penalty?
Yeah, but that tended to lead to a lot of people defaulting. It's incredibly frustrating. The deadlines give you plenty of time to get your 500 word story written.

Speaking of deadlines...
Yeah, that's important, isn't it? Here's the timeline:

Sign-ups will close on Wednesday, April 30th.
Assignments will go out no later than May 5th.
Stories should be posted the week of July 13th, and by no later than July 19th.

What format do you want the prompts in?
Comment to this post with your prompt in the following format:

Prompt 1:
Prompt 2:
Prompt 3:
Prompt 4: Please put your optional crossover request here. Do not include a fourth non-crossover request.

What you do not want to see in your story: Please limit this to three things.
What you will not write: Again, please limit this to three things.
Are you available as a backup writer?
Crossovers I am willing to write are: This section is optional.

For ease of copy/paste, here's a textarea box:

Filled out, this looks like -

Username: havocthecat
E-mail: havocthecat at gmail dot com

Prompt 1: Beverly and Allison are forced to work together. Preferably this goes horribly awry.
Prompt 2: Allison having a quiet moment at home with her son. Then something happens. (It's Eureka. Something always happens.)
Prompt 3: Sheriff Carter and Zoe are out of town on a very well-deserved vacation. Jo is in charge. How does she handle it? (Please, no character bashing or character incompetence for anyone.)
Prompt 4: Stargate: Atlantis. Elizabeth Weir arrives at Eureka to talk to Rodney's old boss, Nathan Stark, about some experiments Rodney participated in. Then they find a Goa'uld.

What you do not want to see in your story: Character death, angst, whomping.
What you will not write: Character death, mpreg, fluff.
Are you available as a backup writer? Yes.
Crossovers I am willing to write are: Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Farscape, The Tomorrow People, Kindred: the Embraced, Forever Knight, Highlander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, jPod, Women's Murder Club, Veronica Mars, The Riches, 30 Rock, The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Please comment with any other questions you might have!

Large portions of this sign-up form have been gleefully swiped from sg_rarepairings and femme_fic. Funny, that.
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