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Eurekathon 3.0 - Gauging Interest

I'm looking to see who would be interested in participating in a 3rd round of the ficathon. It's gen (which means no pairings, not canon pairings only), and you can make one crossover request. There's only a 500 word minimum for your story.

It's a very small, very relaxing ficathon to participate in. Also, it's one of the easiest to run, and the fic that's come out of it thus far has been of incredibly high quality.

Poll #1372453 Eurekathon 3.0

I would be interested in participating in Eurekathon 3.0.


What's your favorite kind of ticky?

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eurekathon 2.0 master list

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Today's Not a Good Day For This [PG]

Title: Today's Not a Good Day For This
Author: havocthecat
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Summary: Freaky Friday? Any day in Eureka is just plain freaky. Though Carter has to admit that this is more than the usual amount.
Author's Notes: Written for celli for eurekathon 2.0, with the prompt: "Carter gets caught up in a GD experiment gone wrong (like always), and ends up swapping bodies with Nathan or Allison. (Bonus points for both!)" It's not quite a body-hopping saga for Carter, but remember that ep of Farscape? Yeah. I hope that works out instead. :) Serious thanks to medie for a rushed beta job after all the hassles of doing sgabigbang with me just before.

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Life at the Head of the Cutting Edge, G. Allison.

Title: Life at the Head of the Cutting Edge
Author: sheepfairy
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Written For: havocthecat
Prompt: Allison. Being awesome. Plenty of Allison being herself and being uncompromising where she needs to be, with that dry sense of humor, and just showing everyone how completely awesome she is.
Summary: Sometimes Allison hates her job and sometimes she loves it.
Author's Notes: Thanks to elsajeni_fic for being an awesome friend and pointing out when I fail at writing! Also, I apologize for how incredibly late this story was; my life kind of blew up in my face, but I hope it was worth the wait.

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The Girl From Down the Street, Jo Lupo, PG

Title: The Girl From Down the Block
Author: ALC Punk!
Rating: PG, language, violence
Warnings: er, language, violence, liberties with English grammar
Spoilers: None, so far as I know. For either show.
Written For: marag
Prompt: *sigh* this gets tricky. It's more of... an extrapolation of: Jo's very own mystery to solve. I want to see her being competent and smart and tough, because Jo is love :) It'd be awesome if she could interact with a lot of people and we could be reminded that she was there before Jack, and knows everybody in town., with some of: I would love to see any (or all) of the Eureka gang meet the Torchwood folks. The more snark, the better. Also, flirting is good. Lots of flirting. And aliens :) thrown in as well. Except that it's really none of the above. I'm sorry, I gave up.
Author's Notes: I have no idea how many times I started and trashed writing bits for this ficathon. I know one of them ended up getting lost when I threw a stack of paper away at work (oops--and that might not be where it went, but it's the most likely culprit). I don't know why writing Eureka fic was like pulling teeth, but it was. (although I now have four pages of hand-written notes with Archie Goodwin from Nero Wolfe flirting shamelessly with Jo. Lord knows why)

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Ficathon fic: "Counterpoint" (PG)

Title: Counterpoint
Author: Azar (azarsuerte)
Spoilers: all of season 2, to be on the safe side
Rating: PG
Written for: angelqueen04
Prompt: Actually a combination of two: 1) Post-Season 2. Henry reflects on his actions throughout the season, especially toward Jack and 2) Post-Season 2. Jack has to deal with all of the secrets that have been kept from him. Include his changing relationships with Alison, Henry, and/or Nathan.
Note: to explain this one? I kept getting started on my first prompt, getting stuck on it and switching to the second one, then getting stuck on that one and switching back to the first. So, when in the end I wound up with two finished fics, I decided I might as well just combine them. *grin* Hope that's okay. Also, there is a *teensy* bit of het, but it was pretty impossible to consider Henry's motives without considering his feelings for Kim; again, I hope that's okay!
Beta: medie and ladyniko--thanks sooooooooo much, guys!
Summary: Two men, two very different points of view: Henry and Jack consider the outcome.


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A Question of Perspective, G

Title: A Question of Perspective
Author: Mara
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."--Philip K. Dick.
Written For: sheepfairy
Prompt: Living in Eureka means that Jo and Zoe get some of the most awesome technology in the world to play around with.
Author's Notes: I've slightly bent the prompt for purposes of my story, and I hope sheepfairy will forgive me :)

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